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Leadership, Educational Achievement, and Prosperity (LEAP) Organization

The mission statement and purpose of the Leadership, Educational Achievement,and Prosperity (LEAP) organization is to remove barriers that limit student success. Their goal is to ensure the Latino students in Cache Valley's public schools graduate with the ability to pursue post-secondary education options of their choice, including options students may have previously considered beyond their reach.

They will accomplish this by working closely with community businesses and post-secondary institutions to provide and promote personal mentoring, scholarships, internships and employment during their academic training. They will continue to promote parent involvement, increase effective communication between the schools and the Spanish-speaking community, and celebrate the contributions of Latino students and families to our community. The LEAP organization believes this will increase Latino students’ chances of individual success, and allow them to promote the success and enrichment of the community they live in.

The Latinx Cultural Center is proud to co-sponser the LEAP Organization and Scholarship.

LEAP Scholarship

As part of their mission, the LEAP Organization provides scholarships for incoming college freshmen. To apply for the scholarship, please go to the LEAP Organization's website